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The vast majority of us can agree that two of the most difficult issues we face every day as orthodontists are running a successful business and post-treatment relapse. Having and maintaining an efficient, vibrant, growing business that attracts new patients and allows us to practice our art is taking more and more effort as competition increases and we continue to struggle through economic unrest. Relapse is, of course, the alpha and the omega. It has plagued every orthodontist since the beginning of time and will forever after.

What if, through unconventional wisdom and a new approach, you could accomplish all of the following:

  • Eliminate worry over relapse (This does not mean that you won’t have any relapse. You just won’t worry about it!)
  • Incorporate an incredibly effective marketing initiative into your existing marketing plan.
  • Have patients who appreciate and thank you for this service.
  • Create personal responsibility in your patients/parents and have them take ownership of relapse issues.
  • Better leverage the services you are already providing and turn them into a profit center.
  • Differentiate your practice from your competitors in a way that they cannot replicate because you have exclusive access to the program in your community.

Sound too good to be true? I assure you that it isn’t. It’s being done now in varying degrees in practices across the US and in Canada. The truth is, that it has been for decades. The concept is nothing new - we are just creating a unified North American network to increase the visibility of all of the orthodontists who provide this additional level of customer service and satisfaction.Before you dismiss this, because to guarantee results is prohibited by law, let me be very clear. What we are talking about is a satisfaction guarantee for your patients. You do the treatment and when the patient gets his or her braces off, they also get your guarantee that if they are ever unhappy with their results for any reason, at any time in the future, you will not charge to put braces back on. If you think about it, almost all of us do this kind of treatment now - for little to no charge and with no limit on how long the retreat will go on. You know the patients I’m taking about. Can you picture a few of them right now? All that’s required is that your patients pay $189.00 a month until they are happy again. When they’re once again satisfied with their smile, you can send another delighted patient out into the community to rave about the service and care they received from you and your team.

With GuaranteeMySmile, patients are thrilled that you promise to make them happy for life, that you don’t ask for another $8,000.00 to retreat AND they have the motivation not to drag out treatment forever. It’s a win-win-win. Yes, there are exceptions. Yes, there are outliers and naysayers. Yes, there are “special” practices. I know that we, as orthodontists, love to focus on the “why it won’t work”, but for the vast majority of us this is a no brainer. To be clear, we are not guaranteeing a perfect result or any result for that matter. We are guaranteeing that if the patient is not happy for any reason, we will put braces back on, any time after debond and until they’re happy.

Think about the mom who is price shopping for orthodontic treatment for little Susie. All things being equal, do you think a lifetime guarantee will weigh heavily in her decision versus the prospect of having to pay $8,000.00 for a retreat down the road? What better gift to give a child than lifetime coverage on her great smile? What better way to encourage Susie and mom to take responsibility and take care of retainer wear than to make it crystal clear that braces will have to go back on and it will cost money to fix things if they don’t?

GuaranteeMySmile was created by the same people who brought you Smile for a Lifetime Foundation (, The Progressive Orthodontist Magazine and Study Group (, and This collection of orthodontists and marketing experts know how to supercharge a practice through innovative and effective marketing. We have a proven track record for growing national and international alliances among geographically distinct and protected practices to improve our businesses.

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