About Guarantee My Smile

Nothing is worse than spending $8,000.00 on braces to get the smile of your dreams only to see it deteriorate a few years down the road! We all know that great retainer wear is essential to maintaining a smile but life happens! Retainers get lost or left at a friend's house, kids don’t always do what they are supposed to or listen to their parents, we go off to school and jobs get in the way… And when life happens and retainers aren’t worn, teeth move and that great smile just isn’t as great any more. But who wants to spend all that time and money again once kids realize that they should have worn their retainer? No one! What’s the answer? Guarantee My Smile!

Guarantee My Smile is the only way to make sure your great smile stays great! When you get your braces from a Guarantee My Smile orthodontist, you can sleep well knowing that if you are unhappy with the alignment of your teeth at any time in the future, your orthodontist will put the braces back on for free!! All you have to do is show up for appointments, keep your teeth clean, wear your elastics, and pay a very reasonable monthly fee for treatment until you are once again happy with your smile. You can even get clear braces and white wires in most cases!

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